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Selecting Ideal Pallet Rack Systems

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Pallet rack systems are an essential component of businesses across industries. Small businesses need pallet racks for store rooms to keep inventory off the floors. Large retail businesses that carry heavy items, such as a home improvement outlet, will need systems to store inventory both inside and outdoors. Warehouses, industrial manufacturing plants, and companies that treat products or materials with chemicals all need pallet racks to hold, display, or store thousands of items.

Small Systems

Pallet rack systems come in all sizes and many materials to accommodate business needs. The small business, for example, can have storage needs meet with hard plastic or wood racks. They will be enough to hold inventory, fit into small storage rooms, and fit into the budget. Storing heavy items, such as rolls of carpet or machinery components will warrant much stronger rack systems in custom sizing to fit the space.

Strong Systems

Most warehouses, industrial plants, and enormous retail stores require heavy duty rack systems that can accommodate thousands of pounds. In those cases, metals are the best materials to use. If storing items outside a Galvanized Pallet Rack is the perfect solution. It has a heavier density than aluminum and can support buildings and bridges so storage systems will be no problem. Strength also makes it more durable.

Non-Corrosive Properties

Aluminum has natural non-corrosive properties and other metals can be painted or coated to resist rust and weathering. Why is a Galvanized Pallet Rack superior to those other materials? The answer is in the processing. Galvanized steel requires no paint or coating because the non-corrosive properties are bonded right into the steel during a chemical process that takes place before the steel is used. Zinc is bonded to the steel and goes deeper than the surface. It will not peel and does not require any coating.

The Perfect Combination

The combination of durability and strength makes galvanized steel the ideal solution for outdoor systems, as well as those rack systems needed in freezers, coolers, and to hold items during chemical processing. The fact that galvanized steel is lower in cost than aluminum and stainless steel is also a major advantage.

Where to Find Them?

Currently, there is only one company, Red Steel Manufacturing, which supplies the United States with galvanized steel rack systems. The demand for these low maintenance and low cost systems is growing. Red Steel is seeking distributors throughout the country. Those supply and distribution center owners who are interested can apply right online. Provide contact information and a brief description of the business and a representative will call to discuss possibilities.

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